As the energy of a wave moves through the water, the water particles themselves move in a circular motion. This is why waves are able to transfer energy from one place to another – because the water particles are constantly moving and transferring energy as they go.

Other related questions:

Q: What happens to the water particles in a wave?

A: The water particles in a wave move up and down in a circular motion.

Q: What occurs as energy is transferred through a wave?

A: As energy is transferred through a wave, the waveform changes shape. The amplitude of the waveform increases as energy is transferred from one point to another.

Q: What happens as a wave’s energy surge passes through an area of water?

A: The wave’s energy surge will cause the water in the area to become more turbulent and agitated.

Q: Where do ocean waves get their energy How is it transferred?

A: The energy for ocean waves comes from the wind. The wind blows across the ocean surface and transfers its energy to the water. This energy is then transferred from one water molecule to another, eventually creating a wave.


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