combustion and decomposition

In combustion, a substance reacts with oxygen to release heat energy. In decomposition, a substance breaks down into simpler substances, often releasing heat energy in the process.

Other related questions:

Q: During which 2 process does a substance release energy?

A: 1) When a substance is heated, it releases energy in the form of heat.
2) When a substance undergoes a chemical reaction, it may release energy in the form of light, heat, or sound.

Q: During which two processes does a substance release energy freezing and condensation freezing and melting evaporation and condensation evaporation and melting?

A: During the processes of freezing and melting, a substance will release energy.

Q: During which change is heat energy released?

A: There are many types of changes that can release heat energy, including chemical reactions, physical changes, and nuclear reactions.

Q: Which of the following processes help in release of energy?

A: The processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration help in the release of energy.


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