How do mechanics use a blow hammer?


Jul 14, 2022

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A blow hammer is a tool that mechanics use to strike a blow on a workpiece. The workpiece is usually held in place with a vise or clamp. The blow hammer is usually made of steel and has a handle that is about two feet long. The head of the blow hammer is usually round and about two inches in diameter. The head of the blow hammer is usually flat on one side and has a raised center on the other side. The raised center is used to strike the workpiece.

Other related questions:

Q: What do mechanics use dead blow hammers for?

A: Dead blow hammers are typically used by mechanics for tasks such as pounding out dents or driving nails.

Q: Why do mechanics use ball peen hammers?

A: There are a few reasons why mechanics use ball peen hammers. One reason is that the ball peen hammer can be used to create a dimple in metal, which can be helpful when starting a screw or drill bit. Additionally, the ball peen hammer can be used to help straighten bent metal.

Q: Where can I use the dead blow hammer?

A: You can use the dead blow hammer for various applications, such as striking chisels, punches, or other tools; driving nails or other fasteners; or for breaking up concrete or other materials.

Q: What is the most common hammer used by mechanics?

A: The most common hammer used by mechanics is a ball peen hammer.


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