How does archaebacteria get energy?


Jul 14, 2022

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Archaebacteria are a type of bacteria that are able to get energy from a variety of sources. Some archaebacteria are able to photosynthesize, while others can get energy from chemical reactions.

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Q: How do archaebacteria make their food?

A: Archaebacteria are unique in that they do not use traditional methods of food production like plants and animals. Instead, they rely on a process called chemosynthesis to produce food. This process involves using chemical energy from sources like sulfur and methane to convert carbon dioxide into organic matter. This organic matter can then be used by the archaebacteria for food.

Q: How do eubacteria get energy?

A: There are many ways that eubacteria can get energy. Some eubacteria can photosynthesize and use the energy from sunlight to produce food. Other eubacteria can break down organic matter and use the energy from that to produce food. still others can get energy from inorganic chemicals.

Q: Is archaebacteria autotrophic or heterotrophic?

A: Archaebacteria are a type of bacteria that are autotrophic, meaning they can produce their own food.


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