The Marine Corps is one of the most technologically advanced and modern organizations in the world. As such, they require a certain number of highly trained and skilled aviation mechanics to keep their aircraft operational and in top condition. The specific number of mechanics needed can vary depending on the type of aircraft and the number of aircraft in the fleet, but the Corps typically needs between 1,200 and 1,500 aviation mechanics.

Other related questions:

Q: Are there aviation mechanics in the Marines?

A: There are aviation mechanics in the Marines, but they are not as common as they are in the Army or Air Force.

Q: How long is aviation mechanic school Marines?

A: The Aviation Mechanic School Marines is a four-year program.

Q: What does an aviation mechanic do in the Marines?

A: An aviation mechanic in the Marines is responsible for maintaining and repairing aircraft. This includes inspecting, servicing, and troubleshooting aircraft systems.

Q: Do aircraft mechanics get deployed?

A: No, aircraft mechanics are not typically deployed.


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