In 2015, North Carolina paid $4.9 billion for renewable energy, which was 27.5% more than in 2014. This increase was due largely to the state’s investment in solar power. North Carolina now has the second-highest capacity of solar photovoltaics in the country.

Other related questions:

Q: Did Duke Energy raise their rates in NC?

A: Yes, Duke Energy raised their rates in NC.

Q: What percent of NC energy is renewable?

A: As of 2019, renewable energy sources accounted for 18.9% of North Carolina’s total electricity generation.

Q: Where does NC rank in solar production?

A: According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, North Carolina ranks 5th in the nation for installed solar capacity, and 4th in the nation for solar jobs.

Q: What is the largest source of renewable energy in North Carolina?

A: The largest source of renewable energy in North Carolina is solar power.


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