Con Edison is one of the nation’s leading utilities, with an electric and gas system that serves more than 3.4 million customers in New York City and Westchester County. The company has a long history of providing clean, reliable energy to its customers, and is committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy in its system.

Con Edison’s electric system is powered by a mix of energy sources, including nuclear, hydro, fossil fuels, and renewables. The company has set a goal to source 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. In 2017, Con Edison achieved 7.6 percent renewable energy penetration on its system.

Con Edison is a national leader in the development and deployment of smart grid technologies. The company’s grid modernization efforts are helping to make renewable energy integration possible. In 2016, Con Edison launched a virtual power plant pilot project that uses battery storage to provide flexibility to the electric grid. The project is helping to pave the way for a cleaner, more resilient energy future.

Con Edison is committed to helping its customers save energy and money. The company offers a range of programs and rebates to help customers reduce their energy use. In 2017, Con Edison helped its customers save more than $300 million through energy efficiency programs.

Con Edison is also working to electrify the transportation sector. The company has installed more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations in New York City and Westchester County. Con Edison is a leader in the development of innovative rate structures that encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. (NYSE: ED), one of the nation’s leading energy services holding companies.

Other related questions:

Q: Does ConEd use renewable energy?

A: According to their website, Con Edison “is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting the development of renewable energy resources.” However, it does not appear that they currently use renewable energy themselves.

Q: What percentage of SSE is renewable?

A: As of 2019, SSE’s renewable energy portfolio consisted of wind (54%), hydro (19%), solar (3%), and biomass (1%).

Q: What percentage of energy is renewable?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the definition of “renewable energy” and the specific geographical location. However, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy sources accounted for about 11% of total U.S. energy consumption in 2016.

Q: Does Con Edison use fossil fuels?

A: Yes, Con Edison uses fossil fuels to generate electricity.


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