If you know someone who is a great mechanic, you can recommend them for a Mechanics Badge. To do this, go to the Recommendations page and click the “Recommend” button next to the mechanic’s name.

Other related questions:

Q: How do you get the mechanic badge?

A: There is no specific “mechanic” badge, but there are a few badges that could be associated with mechanics:

-The “Tinkerer” badge is earned by crafting a certain number of items.

-The “Explorer” badge is earned by discovering a certain number of locations.

-The “Builder” badge is earned by constructing a certain number of buildings.

Q: How many miles do you need for a drivers badge Army?

A: There is no specific number of miles required for a drivers badge in the Army, but soldiers must complete a specific number of training hours and pass a written exam in order to earn the badge.

Q: Is there a master driver badge?

A: No, there is not a master driver badge.


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