The answer is four. The n = 4 energy level contains four subshells: s, p, d, and f.

Other related questions:

Q: How many Subshells are there in a shell with n 4?

A: There are four Subshells in a shell with n=4.

Q: Which energy level has 4 Subshells?

A: The energy level with 4 subshells is called the f-level.

Q: How many possible Subshells are there for the n 4 level of hydrogen?

A: There are four possible subshells for the n=4 level of hydrogen: the s, p, d, and f subshells.

Q: What are the Subshell S shapes and available in the fourth n 4 main shell?

A: There are four subshells in the fourth main shell, which are designated as s, p, d, and f. The s subshell has a spherical shape, while the p, d, and f subshells have dumbbell, double lobed, and quadruple lobed shapes, respectively. The subshells are filled in order of increasing energy, with the s subshell being filled first, followed by the p subshell, then the d subshell, and finally the f subshell.


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