-absorbed by the atom,

-emitted by the atom, or

-scattered by the atom.

The bright line spectrum of sodium is produced when electrons in the atom are excited by either absorbing energy from an external source, like a hot filament, or by emitting energy from the atom. The energy can also be scattered by the atom, which produces a bright line spectrum. The color of the light emitted by the atom depends on the energy of the excited state of the electron.

Other related questions:

Q: What causes the bright line spectrum to be produced?

A: The bright line spectrum is produced when an atom or molecule absorbs and then emits light. The specific wavelengths of light that are emitted depend on the energy levels of the atom or molecule.

Q: What is the bright line spectrum?

A: The bright line spectrum is the spectrum of light emitted by an object that is heated to a high enough temperature that it produces visible light.


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