There are many alternative energy sources for aviation, but the most promising ones are electric propulsion and solar power.

Electric propulsion is the most efficient way to use energy for aircraft, as it converts all of its energy into thrust. Solar power is also a very efficient way to power an aircraft, as the sun provides an abundance of energy that can be harnessed and used to power an aircraft.

Other related questions:

Q: What are alternative fuels for airplanes?

A: Some alternative fuels that have been explored for use in airplanes include: biodiesel, hydrogen, and electric batteries.

Q: What are 5 alternative energy resources?

A: 1) Wind power
2) Solar power
3) Geothermal energy
4) Hydroelectricity
5) Tidal power

Q: Can airplanes use renewable energy?

A: Yes, airplanes can use renewable energy, but it is not currently a widely used technology. There are a few experimental planes that have been powered by solar energy, but it is not yet a commercially viable option.


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