When light energy excites electrons in photosystem II, they become energized and are able to move around within the photosystem. As they move, they create an electrical current that can be harnessed to do work, like powering a light bulb.

Other related questions:

Q: What happens when light hits photosystem 2?

A: When light hits photosystem 2, it causes an electron to be excited and to be emitted from the chlorophyll molecule.

Q: What happens to the excited electrons as they leave photosystem II?

A: The excited electrons from photosystem II are transferred to photosystem I where they are used to produce ATP.

Q: Does light excite electrons photosystem 2?

A: There is no simple answer to this question, as the interaction between light and electrons in photosystem 2 is quite complex. However, in general, light does excite electrons in photosystem 2, which leads to the production of energy that can be used by plants to fuel their growth and development.

Q: What does photosystem 2 do to electrons?

A: Photosystem 2 is responsible for the capture of light energy and the transfer of electrons to an electron acceptor.


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