What is an object called in mechanics?


Jul 24, 2022

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In mechanics, an object is called a body. A body is an object that has mass and occupies space. It is also subject to the laws of motion.

Other related questions:

Q: What is an object called in physics?

A: In physics, an object is any physical entity that can be observed and studied.

Q: What are physical objects?

A: In physics, an object is anything that has a physical presence and can exert force on other objects. Objects can be made of matter (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma), or they can be energy-based (light, radiation, or electromagnetic fields).

Q: What is an object in light?

A: In physics, an object in light is an object that emits or reflects light.

Q: What do you mean by image and object?

A: In computing, an image is a representation of a two-dimensional digital image, typically produced by a digital camera or scanner. A digital image consists of a array of pixels, each of which has a particular color and intensity.


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