What is datum line in fluid mechanics?


Jul 16, 2022

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A datum line is a line used to establish a reference point for measurements. In fluid mechanics, a datum line is often used to measure the level of a fluid. The datum line can be created by drawing a line on a container or by using a measuring device, such as a ruler or a measuring tape.

Other related questions:

Q: What is datum line in pump?

A: Datum line is an imaginary line used to locate features on a drawing.

Q: How is datum line calculated?

A: The datum line is the line from which measurements are made.

Q: How do you use datum lines?

A: Datum lines are used to establish the size, shape, and location of objects on a drawing. They are also used to create dimensions and tolerances.

Q: What is datum surface or line?

A: A datum surface or line is a reference surface or line used to establish the size, shape, or location of something.


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