What is strain mechanics?


Jul 23, 2022

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Strain mechanics is the study of the deformation of materials under external forces. It is a branch of mechanics that deals with the response of materials to applied forces. The main goal of strain mechanics is to predict the deformation of materials under various types of loading conditions.

Other related questions:

Q: What is meant by strain in mechanics?

A: Strain is a measure of how much an object is deformed under an applied force. It is a dimensionless quantity, and is usually expressed as a percentage or a fraction.

Q: What is strain explain?

A: The deformation of an object under an applied force is called strain. The strain is the ratio of the change in length of the object to its original length.

Q: What is stress and strain in mechanics?

A: Stress is the force that is applied to a material, while strain is the resulting deformation of the material.


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