The energy difference between the cl2 molecule and the separated atoms is due to the attractive force between the atoms. The cl2 molecule has a strong attractive force between the atoms, which results in a lower energy state for the molecule than the separated atoms.

Other related questions:

Q: What is difference between Cl2 and CL?

A: Cl2 is a diatomic molecule, meaning it is made up of two atoms of chlorine. CL is an atomic symbol for the element chlorine.

Q: What is the difference between molecules 2Cl and Cl2?

A: There is a difference in the structure of the two molecules. In molecule 2Cl, there are two chlorine atoms bonded together. The structure of Cl2 is a linear molecule, with the two chlorine atoms bonded together in the center.

Q: What is the difference between 2ci and ci2 which one of these two forms exists in nature also give the atomic mass of this element?

A: There is no difference between 2ci and ci2, they both refer to the same element. The atomic mass of this element is 12.

Q: What does 2Cl mean?

A: 2Cl means two chloride ions.


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