What is the lattice energy of cacl2?


Jul 25, 2022

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The lattice energy of cacl2 can be determined by looking at the ionic charges of the cations and anions. The cation has a charge of +2 and the anion has a charge of -2. The lattice energy is the energy required to separate the ions in the lattice. The larger the lattice energy, the more stable the compound. The lattice energy of cacl2 is 764 kJ/mol.

Other related questions:

Q: How do you find the lattice energy of CaCl?

A: The lattice energy of CaCl can be found using the following equation:

U = -(Z1Z2/r)(1 – e^(-r/a0))

where Z1 and Z2 are the atomic numbers of the two ions, r is the distance between the ions, and a0 is the Bohr radius.

Q: Does CaCl2 have high lattice energy?

A: CaCl2 does have high lattice energy.

Q: How do you find lattice energy?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question as the lattice energy is highly dependent on the specific compound being considered. However, some methods for calculating lattice energy include the Born-Haber cycle or the use of the Coulombic potential energy.

Q: Which has higher lattice energy MgCl2 or CaCl2?

A: The lattice energy of MgCl2 is higher than the lattice energy of CaCl2.


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