Wind energy opposition group is an organization that is against the use of wind energy. They believe that wind energy is not renewable and is a threat to the environment.

Other related questions:

Q: What is opposition to wind turbines?

A: Some people oppose wind turbines because they believe that they are an eyesore, they can be noisy, and they may pose a danger to birds and other wildlife. Others believe that wind turbines are an efficient and renewable source of energy that can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Q: What is the con of wind energy?

A: There are several potential drawbacks to wind energy, including:

1. Wind energy is intermittent, meaning that it can’t be relied upon as a constant source of power.

2. Wind turbines can be a visual blight on the landscape.

3. They can also be a source of noise pollution.

4. There is a risk that birds and other wildlife could be killed if they fly into the turbines.

Q: What is the major problem with wind energy?

A: The major problem with wind energy is that it is intermittent, meaning that it is not always available when needed. This can be a particular problem at night or during periods of calm weather.

Q: What are two problems with wind energy?

A: 1. The intermittency of wind energy, which can lead to higher costs and lower reliability,

2. The potential for noise pollution and visual impacts from wind turbines.


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