What mechanics roll on?


Jul 12, 2022

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Mechanics are the people who work on your car to keep it running smoothly. They are the ones who change your oil, fix your brakes, and do all the other routine maintenance that your car needs.

But what do mechanics actually roll on? What does that mean?

Well, when a mechanic is working on your car, they need to be able to move around easily. So, they roll on a creeper. This is a flat platform on wheels that they can lie on and slide under your car.

Of course, mechanics don’t just roll around on the floor all day. They also need to be able to reach the parts of your car that they need to work on. So, they use a variety of tools, including wrenches, sockets, and ratchets.

But perhaps the most important tool that mechanics use is their brain. They need to be able to diagnose problems and figure out the best way to fix them.

So, the next time you take your car in for service, remember that the mechanics are rolling on more than just the floor. They are rolling on years of experience and training.

Other related questions:

Q: What is the thing called that mechanics lay on?

A: A mechanics’ creeper is a low-profile, wheeled platform that mechanics can lie on while working underneath vehicles.

Q: What is the thing mechanics use to slide under cars?

A: A mechanic’s creeper is a low, flat platform on wheels that mechanics use to slide under cars.


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