The air temperature decreases as the air transfers energy to the cooler object. This is because when heat is transferred, there is always a decrease in temperature on the side where the heat is being transferred from. In this case, the air is the source of heat, and the cooler object is the recipient. As the air transfers heat to the cooler object, the air itself becomes cooler.

Other related questions:

Q: When energy is transferred to air what happens to the particles of air?

A: The particles of air gain energy from the transfer of energy. This energy can cause the particles to move faster and/or change direction.

Q: When a hot object warms a cooler object does temperature flow between them are the temperature changes of the two objects equal explain?

A: The temperature of the two objects will not be equal. The hotter object will transfer heat to the cooler object until both objects reach the same temperature.

Q: Why do objects heat up and cool down?

A: Objects heat up and cool down because of the transfer of thermal energy. When an object is heated, the thermal energy is transferred from the object to the surrounding environment. When an object is cooled, the thermal energy is transferred from the environment to the object.


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