When gasoline evaporates from a fuel gas can, the change in entropy is positive and the change in enthalpy is also positive. This means that the vapor pressure of the gasoline increases and the temperature of the fuel gas can decreases. The increased vapor pressure causes the gasoline to vaporize more quickly, while the decreased temperature causes the vapor to condense more slowly.

Other related questions:

Q: Is evaporating gasoline a chemical change?

A: Yes, evaporating gasoline is a chemical change.

Q: When gasoline explodes Is it a chemical or physical change?

A: In general, explosions are physical changes.

Q: Which energy change are associated with a liquid freezing?

A: The freezing process of a liquid is associated with a decrease in entropy and an increase in enthalpy.

Q: What happens when an exothermic reaction takes place?

A: An exothermic reaction is one where heat is released. This can happen when two substances react to form a new substance, or when a substance breaks down into simpler substances.


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