There are many renewable energy publications that have people on the move sections. These sections are designed to highlight individuals who have made significant contributions to the renewable energy industry. Some of the publications that feature these sections include Renewable Energy World, Solar Power World, and Windpower Engineering & Development.

Other related questions:

Q: Who are the leaders in renewable energy?

A: There are many leaders in the field of renewable energy, but some of the most notable include Tesla, SunPower, and First Solar. These companies are all leaders in the development and production of solar panels, batteries, and other renewable energy technologies.

Q: Who are the stakeholders in renewable energy?

A: The stakeholders in renewable energy include government agencies, utilities, developers, manufacturers, environmental groups, and consumers.

Q: What are the 3 main challenges faced by renewable energy?

A: 1. The intermittency of renewable resources, such as wind and solar, which can make them less reliable than traditional sources like coal and natural gas.

2. The high upfront costs of some renewable technologies, like solar and wind, which can make them less affordable than traditional sources.

3. The limited scalability of some renewable technologies, like solar and wind, which can make it difficult to meet demand on a large scale.

Q: Who is the largest purchaser of renewable energy?

A: The largest purchaser of renewable energy is the government of the People’s Republic of China.


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