Why are thioesters high energy?


Jul 13, 2022

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Thioesters are high energy molecules because they have a high degree of unsaturation. This means that they have a lot of double and triple bonds, which makes them very unstable. When thioesters undergo chemical reactions, they release a lot of energy.

Other related questions:

Q: Why thioesters are high energy compound?

A: Thioesters are high energy compounds because they have a very high potential energy. This is due to the fact that thioesters have a very strong carbon-carbon bond.

Q: Is thioester bond high energy?

A: Yes, thioester bonds are high energy bonds.

Q: Why are thioesters important in metabolism?

A: Thioesters are important in metabolism because they play a key role in the transfer of energy between different molecules. In particular, thioesters are involved in the transfer of acyl groups, which are essential for the synthesis of fats and other important biomolecules.

Q: Why are thioesters more electrophilic than esters?

A: The carbonyl group in esters is more electronegative than the sulfur atom in thioesters, making the carbonyl carbon more electron-withdrawing. This makes the oxygen more electronegative than the sulfur, and thus the ester more electronegative than the thioester.


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